How often will I receive a SUBSCRIPTION Crate?

With a monthly subscription Crate, you will receive a NEW Crate at the beginning of each month. We basically spend the month sourcing and packaging our subscription Crates.

How often will I receive a SINGLE Crate?

For a single Crate order, you will receive the one Crate that you chose. Single Crates will ship within 2 days. A tracking number will be provided to  you to communicate ship time.

Can I place a ONE-time single order?

Yes, we have single Crates available. Simply click on the "SINGLE Crates" tab in the menu bar. Quantities are small so order when you see something you like. We additionally have a surprise sampler...  it is call the "JUST CRATE ME", located in the single Crates section.

What's in the Subscription crate?

Each Crate delivery is different, with a variety mix of paper and stationery product. We source many great products for all of our Crates domestically & internationally. Each subscription Crate includes a random combination of some of the following products; Notepads, notebooks, sticky pads, book tabs, stationery samples, paper flowers, erasers, pens, pens, books tabs, bookmarks, craft, pencils, novelty pens, stickers & pencil toppers...  the list goes on!

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