A little bit about us -

I've been fortunate to travel quite a bit in my life, for work and pleasure. Throughout my travels I often found myself at stationery boutiques, admiring the designs of the area. Sometimes locally in the United States and sometimes internationally... Italy, France, China, Germany and so on... BTW, did I mention my crazy passion for paper, print, packaging & stationery goods? Returning home I always found pleasure in giving my two twin daughters a few treasures and trinkets found along the way. Of course the girls would start using the products immediately, mostly for school... And yes, I too came home with a bucket of eclectic stationary treasures for myself - all of which I used and proudly displayed at home and work. 

In 2016 I decided to check yet another item off of my bucket list. That bucket / goal was to assemble a product line where I could combine my love of paper, packaging and stationery with some of my career experience in consumer products and sourcing. I wanted others to also experience that eclectic mix and gift of fun and playful stationary trinkets - all useful in day-to day life... as a result, "Hello Paper Crate" was born. 

This business has now evolved into a family project where the votes of product approval and sourcing fall not only into my responsibility, but also with my two twin teen daughters Ashley & Emily. Whether it be an approval on a product mix, package, logo, graphic, pen, pencil, sticker, notebook or eraser, sticky pad... those two stylish and charismatic girls are with me every step of the way, voicing their opinions and recommendations on every aspect of the business! 

I'm happy to report, we all have learned quite a bit about building a business, the importance of detail, hard work and entrepreneurship. Not to mention one super incredible life lesson... "with a little work & passion, you can do anything you set you mind to... & have fun learning along the journey" - 

Ash & Em