How often will I receive a Subscription Crate ?

With a monthly subscription Crate, you will receive a NEW Crate at the beginning of each month. We basically spend the month sourcing and packaging our subscription Crates.

What is in the Subscription Crate ?

Each Crate delivery is different, with a variety mix of paper and stationery product. We source many great products for all of our Crates domestically & internationally. Each subscription Crate includes a random combination of some of the following products; Notepads, notebooks, sticky pads, book tabs, stationery samples, paper flowers, erasers, pens, pens, books tabs, bookmarks, craft, pencils, novelty pens, stickers & pencil toppers...  the list goes on!

Themed Crates ?

On occasion we offer themed Crates as an option - they are super cute and sell out quick!

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